PERCEBES, Valter Vinagre

In a year when celebrating Gliding Barnacles as we used to know it is impossible, we look for new ways to keep it alive.

Valter Vinagre agreed to dive with us. He added light to the morning and night surfing. He fixed it mainly on the people, between the amazement of those who were brought by chance and the celebration of the reunion of those who know what they are coming to.

He now gifts us with his vision of the last 3 editions of GB and perpetuates in paper the happy memories of these past years.



The set of 298 photographs gathered in these pages and slides is much more than an attempt to portray a random summer festival, designed to draw large crowds, or a soft approach to the surfing lifestyle. In truth, these images invite the viewer to participate more actively in the crossing of senses, which represent a spontaneous, vibrant and sincere glance at a sustainable and independent event that introduces itself to Portugal and the rest of the world as a meeting point for creative energies. As a matter of fact, this demonstration of talent, resulting from an exchange of experiences and waves, is precisely what brings the community closer to the ocean.

This publication representes the work of the 28 invited photographers for Gliding Barnacles 2018.