(verb) deslizar


(noun) percebes
Just as barnacles spend their lives clinging on to the hull of ships, surfers live theirs clinging on to their boards, gliding over the waves, they are Gliding Barnacles.
Annual event established in Portugal with the goal of promoting surfing as a form of art and as an integral part of the community. A meeting point for surfers, artists and creatives from all over the world.


Art has always been an integral part of Gliding Barnacles. We see GB as a space for creative energy that results from the sharing of waves and experiences, and we have always wanted to extend this experience beyond the 5 days of the event. Now, we’ve finally broaden it beyond the borders of space and time, turning it into something palpable and wearable.

We partnered with three national artists and longtime friends to bring you a timeless exclusive collection. Limited edition – grab yours while you can.

Be a part of GB

From the first moment, we kept a spirit of open dialogue and working together, always depending on the availability and generosity of all of our collaborators, partners and volunteers. If you want to be a part of the family as a participant, volunteer , or partner, talk to us!