The Surfing practice in GB is different from any other event on an international level. Surfing is not seen as a sport, but as a creative and artistic expression. In this logic, there is no competition.

Surfing in GB lives in three great moments.


— Expression Sessions

Non-competitive, male and female. In these sessions (two per surfer), for one hour, the surfers have the opportunity to demonstrate, in a free regime, their style, creativity and innovation, with no place for criteria such as number of waves or maneuvers, as normally happens in competitions of this modality.

Even though Gliding Barnacles is not a formal competition, we do have a prize money and other rewards – and the winners are paid the same, despite their sex. In a world where gender pay gap is still a thing, here’s an equality reminder: girls just wanna have fun-damental rights.


— Invitation to national and international shapers who dedicate themselves to the design and construction of surfboards during the event, in live shaping sessions open to the general public.

This year, we’re proud to have Polyola’s support, meaning we will only use their recycled and recyclable polyurethane blanks.

Some of the Shapers invited to create their boards in this edition are Robin Kegle (Gato Heroi), Caio Teixeira, Fly Black Bird, Nico Wavegliders, Ryan Conklin, …


For the first time, we’ll give the public the opportunity to participate in our Expression Sessions.

In this sense, we will hold trials on the first day of GB. Applications for the trials are open until September 5th here.



GB promotes a “creative hub” at the Beach of Cabedelo, with a series of artistic residencies in several formats (mural intervention, serigraphy, handicraft, painting, sculpture, design exhibitions, editorial publications, analogical photography
development in a darkroom, production of fanzines, pottery, ceramics, among others).

As in previous years, we intend to explore the artistic side of the event by inviting local, national and international artists and artisans, to intervene in an innovative and disruptive way, in real time, inside and outside the space of the event.




This year, tattooing takes on a new, more structured format, inviting several artists to work simultaneously.

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During the day, the stage has the Atlantic Ocean and the thousands of people who frequent Cabedelo Beach as their backdrop.

At night, the audience is agitated by the programming offered from the Hangar, with a line-up of national and international artists, in a mix of emerging bands with names that are already part of the house.

From rock to world music, indie pop, punk, jazz, electronic and afrobeat are also featured. A truly eclectic line-up that is intimately connected to the heterogeneity of the public that visits us.

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Our approach to gastronomy in previous years was always informal, inviting both Michelin-starred and non-Michelin-starred chefs to focus on fresh local products and enhancing Atlantic culture. This year, gastronomy takes on a new, more robust and structured format: a Street Food Market. The market takes place under the motto “bring the world to Figueira da Foz, and Figueira da Foz to the world” and is intended to be a showcase for both emerging and renowned projects that, in one way or another, share our values and ideals

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The event happens at Praia do Cabedelo, in Figueira da Foz. The access to the beach is free and open for all. To access the night concerts and the art rooms, you must secure your entry: you can do that online or at the door, in person, during the event.

We do not have a specific space for vans or tents and we do not encourage camping at the beach.

If you need accommodation, you can reach out to our partner hotels.

Costa de Prata, Malibu Foz, Universal Boutique, Atlântida Sol.