It’s time for breakfast! 🍩

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the format of this edition will be slightly different from what we have accustomed our guests to.

We pride ourselves on being an event open to all, non-profit, with free admission and always room for “one more”, but for safety reasons, this year much of Gliding Barnacles will be closed to the public.

In an attempt to recover the inclusive format that so well defines us, we will be providing a limited amount of free daily tickets. Each person can reserve one ticket only (be personal and non-transferable), which will give you access to the hangar, where the concerts, art exhibitions and other activities take place.

The online ticket line opens on September 21 at 12:00 (GMT 01:00). The tickets are daily and can only be reserved online, 24 hours before.

The beach and surf sessions will continue to be of free access, as well as the painting of murals that will take place in public space.

Access to the hangar will be denied to anyone who does not have a ticket.

We ask for everyone’s understanding and hope that by 2022 we can return to the normal format ❤️

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Daily Tickets

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Where to stay?

Temos vários Hotéis Parceiros. São eles o Costa de Prata, Malibu Foz Hotel, Boutique Universal e Atlântida.