Art has always been an integral part of Gliding Barnacles. We see GB as a space for creative energy that results from the sharing of waves and experiences, and we have always wanted to extend this experience beyond the 5 days of the event. Now, we’ve finally broaden it beyond the borders of space and time, turning it into something palpable and wearable.

Collection #1

We partnered with three national artists and longtime friends to bring you a timeless exclusive collection. Limited edition – grab yours while you can.

All funds will be shared with the artists that partnered with us.

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Inês Ambrósio

Inês Ambrosio, from Portugal, is a visual artist working with photography.
As a surfer from a young age, when she is not creating, she is in the water which is inevitably a constant influence of her work.
The blues of the prints evoke and connect her to her main element: water.

Bruno Lucas

Bruno Lucas is a versatile artist from Portugal living in France. His art is playful, absurd and transcendental, based on his pocket notebooks. Music is also part of the assortment of talents: Bruno is one of the halves of Drunks on the Moon. In a musical territory between kraut rock experimentalism, Californian surf music, and chanson française, the music of Drunks on the Moon can be as dreamy, romantic, and sublime as it is ironic, nostalgic, and chaotic.

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Portuguese-based artist Luis da Silva’s inspiration lies in the natural environment surrounding him, cultural elements of the 60’s and surf culture of his home country. Always with the sun and ocean on his mind, the artist known as sickfaces enables a merge of meticulous and introspective work delivered through psychedelia motifs and geometric shapes.