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It’s not a Pink Floyd theme, but it gives us the same nostalgic feeling. It’s not an inspirational phrase from Pinterest, but it inspires and motivates us to keep spreading love. It’s not the title we wanted, but it’s the one that best describes what we felt throughout the 2020 edition:

We wish you had been here.
We wish you could have felt the love we have to give.
We wish we could have kept our arms open, even when the pandemic tied our hugs.

This is the film of a Gliding Barnacles different in form, but genuine in origin, portrayed by the talented @xuegil.

In the year of the consecration of a new maritime map called “Portugal is Sea”, which shows that considering our territory in all its dimensions (maritime and land), 97% of Portugal is Sea, we assumed the importance of celebrating our sea culture.

In this way, we adjusted the programming in activities related to art and creativity, showing that there is a multidisciplinary work that can be done and presented safely, in a territory with such a rich history as Figueira da Foz.

Symbolically, in or out of the sea, we were all together, and we wish that it is possible to return safely (always) as a wave to this beach, because

the Sea is our land. 



Filipe Seixas / Survival Kits by @raskal
João Maria Lima / Survival Kits by @raskal
Duarte Appleton / Survival Kits by @raskal
Ria Appleton / Survival Kits by @raskal
Simon Fitz / Survival Kits by @raskal
Da Chick / Survival Kits by @raskal
Matty Snelling / Survival Kits by @raskal
Inês Ambrósio / Survival Kits by @raskal
Xué Gil / Survival Kits by @raskal
Heitor Valim / Survival Kits by @raskal
Filipe Neto / Survival Kits by @raskal
Raskal / Survival Kits by @raskal
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Vita brevis, ars longa.

Latin expression for “life is short, art is long” and that perfectly sums up Gliding Barnacles’ last year(s).

This authentic relic, signed by Telmo Mendes, immortalizes the memories of a year we all want to forget, in large format photographs, among glass plates, gelatin, and silver salts.