Gliding Barnacles is a non-profit surf-art-music event that happens every summer at Figueira da Foz, a small coastal town in Portugal.

We started it in 2014 to affirm Figueira da Foz as a place of excellence for surfing (classic longboard, in particular) and to showcase surfing as a form of artistic expression. This desire to connect the ocean to the city in one event managed to transform what was a peripheral place - Cabedelo Beach - into a space that challenged its limits and that has been bringing together, annually, the four corners of the world through the culture of the ocean, art, music and gastronomy.

We have always wanted to be more than just a festival, more than just a meeting point. Our purpose is to bring people together in a meaningful way. We want to be the catalyst for creative connections and foster a community of like-minded individuals.


Want to be part of the curated list of surfers, creatives, musicians or artists for future editions? Feel free to contact us!

Rua do Cabedelo, Figueira da Foz, 3090-661
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How can I get to Praia do Cabedelo if I don’t have a car?

You can access Praia do Cabedelo by cycling, taxi, Uber, or boat.

Are there any entry fees or tickets required to attend Gliding Barnacles?

The surf expression sessions, the beach market, the street food corner, and the daytime concerts at the beach are accessible without any fees. However, you'll need a pass to enter the hangar and warehouse where the artistic residences and nighttime concerts take place. You can secure your entry here.

Can I bring my own surfboard to the event?

Yes, you can bring your own surfboard. However, please note that surfing during the expression sessions is not allowed.

Will there be surfboard rentals available for those who don't have their own?

Unfortunately, we will not have surfboard rentals available.

Is Gliding Barnacles family-friendly?

Yes, the event is suitable for all ages, both surfers and non-surfers. Children under 16 years old have free access to all venues.

Are there food and drink vendors at the event, or should I bring my own?

Yes, we will have a street food corner featuring talented chefs who will be serving a variety of delicious dishes.

Can I participate in the surf expression sessions?

The surf expression sessions are invitation-only. However, keep an eye out for potential opportunities in future editions.

What time do concerts start and finish?

Daytime concerts begin at 5:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM. Nighttime concerts start at 10:00 PM and conclude at different times depending on the day.

Is there a designated parking area for vans?

We do not have a designated parking area for vans.

Can I camp at the festival location, or are there nearby accommodations you recommend?

We do not offer camping facilities. You might want to consider our partner hotels: Hotel Atlântida Sol, Hotel Costa de Prata, Lazza Hotel, Malibu Foz Hotel, and Universal Boutique Hotel.

What happens on Sunday, the 10th?

Sunday is a day for relaxation. We will have a live performance at the beach, wine tasting, and a cinema session. The venue is open and there's free access to all.

Is there an entry fee for children?

No, children under 16 years old have free access to the event.

Is photography allowed in the water by any attendee?

No, water photography is exclusively for invited photographers.

When do the concerts kick off?

Daytime concerts start at 5:30 PM on the beach stage, and nighttime concerts begin at 10:00 PM at the warehouse.